Senior athlete spotlight: Kareli Acosta

By Anabel Arevalo ’21

Kareli Acosta is a Senior at Pritzker who is just starting the new Cheer season this year. Have you ever heard of her? Are you a friend? Have you seen her perform? Keep reading and you’ll find out way more than just knowing Kareli as a student that attends Pritzker. 

So who is Kareli Acosta?

Acosta has strong intentions in succeeding. She is big with trust, support, and teamwork. Someone that even though she is unsure of her future plans, she aspires to figure it out along the way. 


Acosta has been doing Cheer for two years. Her first year doing cheer was her Junior year. When asked about how she felt first joining cheer she stated, “I was very excited once I tried out for the team, I got to meet and become friends with many people.” Junior Karen Fonseca, who is part of the cheerleading team, stated, “Kareli is someone who gets along with pretty much everyone. She makes sure that cheer is always a fun time for the team and for her as well.” Acosta stated the reason why she tried out was to be part of something and because cheer really caught her attention.  Acosta was a flyer, team member at the top of a stunt or toss, her first year in cheer. This year Acosta is one of the bases which is the foundation of a stunt. 

Support and trust

Acosta explained that her family’s and friend’s support means a lot to her. The support from her teammates means a lot as well. If there is no support from everyone in the team, the whole team leads into miscommunication. She also stated that having trust with each other mattered a lot since they are doing a lot of stunts. “I think that my teammates trusting me is something really important because they are counting on me to help them carry the flyer and the flyer is trusting me to keep them from falling,” said Acosta.


There is always room for improvement. Acosta has been working on getting stronger since she is one of the bases this year. “It [gets] difficult when carrying weight [especially] weight that you are not used to,” said Acosta. Frustration is something that Acosta mentioned she goes through; however, frustration leads to improvement. Acosta stated that it gets difficult when [the teams] stunts do not “hit” right but they all work together until they succeed.  Acosta mentioned that Cheer practices are tough. The practices take place at Cheer Destiny. Cheer Destiny is where they practice their stunts, cheers, etc. Senior Emily Aleman, one of the cheer team member, stated, “The time and energy that we all put into practices really help the team.” The sport comes with a lot of commitment. “Each member is expected to commit not only in the sport but also the practices and themselves,” said Acosta. 

Future plans in sports and in school

Acosta mentioned that outside of school she works, deals with family stuff and takes care of her two siblings. “Being in a sport and having outside of school responsibilities is hard to manage,” said Acosta. Even though she has been doing sports for only two years, Acosta said that she is not sure if she will be doing sports in college. “I don’t think I’ll be doing sports in college but I hope so,” said Acosta. 

Not everyone knows what they want to do after college right off the bat. Acosta said that she does not sure what she wants to do as a career but she will eventually figure it out. “Once I go to college I plan on trying out new things and hopefully that will lead me into figuring out what career I want to [proceed],” said Acosta. She also hopes into moving into her own apartment and becoming a lot more independent.