Religious Traditions and Views on Them

This is the lady of faith from a church.

By Jesus Gonzalez ’20

There is a bunch of events that people celebrate throughout a year. There are activities that one does on the regular basis regarding their religion. There is a variety of traditions in one’s religion that are similar to others’ religions.

One of the biggest traditions all around would be Christmas. Some celebrate Christmas as it was the birth of Jesus, God. Others may have other reasons on why they celebrate Christmas.

“I am a Catholic first of all, and I celebrate Christmas because it is a religious tradition that my mother taught me it was when god was born,” concluded Emmanuel Santoyo, a junior at Pritzker College Prep.

Similarly, Brandon Beltran, a sophomore at Pritzker College Prep, emphasized that “In Christmas, my family and I celebrate that because it was the day our Lord and Savior was born, and I am a Catholic in which Christmas is a big event.”

David Barrera, a junior at Pritzker College Prep, emphasized the point that “Us as Catholics celebrate Christmas because it is the day god was born and we celebrate by giving gifts among the people involved in your life.”

During Christmas, there are other small details that one does with their family. For example, there is a difference between when to open the presents and others actions to do before opening the presents.

Barrera emphasized the point that “My family and I would do a prayer for quite some time before the time to open presents along with having food for all the people like tamales or pozole.”

“I would open my gifts at twelve am on December 25 and also, adding on, we would have secret Santa as something fun to do by buying other people gifts without them knowing,” concluded Santoyo.

Beltran similarly has somewhat the same structure except having to open gifts at whichever time that they want but usually at night.

This all adds up to the idea that one may have the same religion as another person but have different ways on their traditions.

Sometimes one is forced by parents to have this kind of life. Some may not like the traditions that their parents have as they are religious.

Beltran concluded that “I do like all the traditions that are religious because well in Christmas we get gifts and that is great.”

“Although I do not like doing all the religious activities that my parents make me do, Christmas is something that I do enjoy.”

At the end of the day, Barrera, similarly, emphasized that “I do not like going to church, but after all, I just do not want my mom screaming at me, so I do them.”