Quarantine cannot stop Fortnite!

Quarantine cannot stop Fortnite!

By Cristian Gutierrez ‘21

Although the ongoing pandemic has managed to stop many things, Fortnite keeps bringing fans new in-game experiences. The latest event on Fortnite involved Travis Scott, a famous American rapper. The Fortnite event  was amazing when it comes to performance, quality, and uniqueness.

The recent Fortnite event was incredible due to the insane visuals. The event incorporated a variety of visual effects that were eye-catching. The sophisticated visual effects would leave anyone amused. The event also took players on a trip to different sceneries while Travis Scott’s music was playing. I personally enjoyed being able to be part of such an outstanding event. 

The quality of video games is key to its success. When it comes to the Fortnite event, the quality was on point, which is surprising as there was a lot going on in the game. The event did not have any visual glitches. The graphics were clean and smooth, which allowed for a very entertaining performance. I am glad that players were able to experience a great concert with no trouble.

Since the release of Fortnite, there have been many events involving the storyline of the game; however, Fortnite hosted a Marshmello event, which was the first event/concert involving an artist. Compared to the Marshmello event, Travis Scott’s event involved more complex visual effects and mechanics. The recent event showed the intense dedication behind the event. In my opinion, I would say that this event was better due to the fact that it was more complex as it involved more features.

Although the event was great overall, the event could have been even better. The event lacked a large variety of music that would have easily improved the quality of the event. The music choice was not bad at all but Epic Games could have easily added more songs. Overall, the event was fun and engaging as it allowed players to enjoy/experience new music.

  • There were multiple showings of the event.
  • The event featured some of  Travis Scott’s music.
  • Event took place in Fortnite: Battle Royale.