Pritzker students apply for summer Russian program

Application for Russian program. Photocredit: Citlaly Leyva

By Citlaly Leyva ‘21

Recently, sophomores and juniors at Pritzker had the opportunity to apply to two summer Russian programs to enhance their Russian knowledge and to stand out in their future college applications.  One of the programs is at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and the other one is at the University of Pittsburgh.

Lauren Nelson, Russian teacher, said, “If they go to Pittsburgh, they will spend four weeks at the University of Pittsburgh taking Russian classes, and if they go to Madison they spend 5 weeks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison taking Russian classes.”

To apply to this event, students need to get a PDF of their high school transcript (students can get this from the main office), parental/ guardian agreement copy (students can go to Nelson’s room to get a copy),  letter of recommendation (Nelson will get them from the students advisor), and students needed to fill out a form on a website. Students submit their applications to the program online to the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Wisconsin Madison, and the universities choose the students that are the best fit academically and socially for this learning experience.

Sophomore, Andrea Fajardo said, “The application process was not as hard as I thought, but it did require some help from the teacher.” Fajardo continued saying, “I am expecting to be able to get familiar with the language and meet new people.” Sophomore Karime Jeronimo similarly said, “If I get chosen to go to the Summer Russian program, I’m expecting to be in a new atmosphere with new people, and living the college life for 4 weeks.”

If students get the chance to go to these programs, sophomores, who are incoming juniors, will have a head start on the Russian alphabet. If juniors, who are incoming seniors, get an opportunity when applying to the program in the University of Wisconsin Madison is that students are eligible to get a scholarship as undergraduate students when they are in college to Latvia Europe to study Russian. Fajardo said, “I want to know more about Russian culture and be able to have new experiences with new people.”

Advice from Nelson:  if students are on the verge on applying, “apply[ing] might as well you get in, and to have an open mind there so you can really grow in the language.”

The program is beneficial for students so that they  learn more about other cultures. These programs really “brought in opportunities for their life choices whether is academic, career or just personal interest,” said Nelson.