Pritzker graduates shift into college life

By Andrea Fajardo ’21

Pritzker College Prep’s former class of 2019 has headed off to the college life and the adjustments of adult life. Some life changing moments go from being dependent on others  to meeting the real world and becoming independent. No more curfews and less classes each day. 

After 4 long years spent at Pritzker, it is time for the real deal. From being freshmen adjusting to the system, sophomores taking Interims, juniors taking the SAT, and finally seniors applying for colleges. Each level has its own purpose to lead up to college.

Marisveidy Arellano, college freshman, stated “The college I am attending is University of Madison and can not be more excited to go anywhere else, some of my closest friends sadly didn’t get to go with me.”

Of course, not all former students from Pritzker got to go to the same college as their best friend like most do, unless both  really put the effort on the SAT and planned what college to go. Such excitement yet sadness as seniors from past years leave their created  family at Pritzker.

Nevertheless, Arellano did not go to the same college her best friend went to. Betzaida Alamo, college freshman, stated, “I ended up going to UIUC (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign). It was not my first choice but it definitely helped me financially.” 

Alamo believes “Based on the classes I chose, it is a lot of reading which is not easy, the homework, I’d say is almost the same as when I was in IB.” Heads up for upperclassmen who are currently in IB being a beneficial class and college ready program. Arellano also adds on, “Work is very different but it was similar to Pritzker, IB gave me so much help.”

However, college is way different than Pritzker according to Alamo, “The main change from Pritzker that has been hard for me is to deal with the professors who don’t tell you when things are due.” At the beginning of each school year, Pritzker has a syllabus for each class, which gives information about the teacher and the expectations for the year. Alamo has to constantly check back when assignments are due, everything is online and lectures are huge. 

Similarly, Arellano explained, “The major I’m taking is Neuroscience and minor in Business and not everything is easy, a lot of practice comes in handy, and we do a lot of online assignments.”

The college life is not easy, especially being a freshman and having to learn the whole campus. Making sure freshmen get in the right class, having an interest in sports or clubs and even join a sorority. After the school year completed, Alamo adds on, “When heading to sophomore year of college, students by the end of the year have to pick the profession they want to continue to study or take a new route to different one.” 

Now, for current seniors, Arellano believes that “try developing good habits right now before college because it’ll be a lot easier.” Alamo strongly suggested to spend as much time as possible with family and parents, “You will miss them when you’re gone, trust me!”