Pritzker Boys’ Varsity Basketball team face defeat by Comer College Prep

By Hernan Bueno ’18 and Alexis Tellez ’18

On Thursday Jan .28, The varsity boys’ basketball team competed against Gary Comer College Prep in the  Pritzker gymnasium. The Pritzker boys gave Comer a tough match but at the end they couldn’t get the victory that they desired. The final score being: 45 for the Pritzker  team and 54 for the Comer team.

When asked his opinion on how the team played, Junior , Oscar Chavez states, “I believed [we] played well as a team because I was not only scoring but also making plays for my teammates. When one of my teammates was arguing  over a call the ref made , I pulled him away and told him it [was] alright.”

Since the beginning of the, game the Pritzker boys didn’t look so confident in themselves. They were down by ten points in the first few minutes and in the end of the first quarter Comer had the lead 7-17. . By the end of the first quarter    Emily Driessen, P.E teacher and coach of the basketball team , called the team to gather up and to get them focused back on the game. Whatever Driessen said to her boys must have really motivated them to try harder. In the second quarter, the boys were beginning to catch up. First losing by 10, then by 8, then by 6, then by 8 again. Till eventually by the end of the second quarter, the boys managed to only be losing by 6 points . The final score of the second quarter was 19-25.

The Pritzker team really wanted to beat Comer. The Pritzker boys dominated the 3rd quarter. Pritzker made a difference in points by 13 points from the 2nd quarter to the 3rd while Comer made a difference of 8 points. The ending score of the 3rd quarter was 32-33, with comer in the lead. Pritzker still had hope that they could’ve won by the end of the fourth quarter. Maybe it was Pritzker that was just not feeling it anymore, or perhaps they just felt tired.

Comer was stepping up their game so that they were not the team that would have to face defeat. Comer made 21 points in the final quarter and Pritzker had only made 13. The final score of the game was 45-54 with Comer with the win. Tough game for the Pritzker College prep team, but maybe they will work and practice really hard so they can defeat Comer for further matches. There is always much room for improvement.