Pixel Art: A fun coloring experience

New coloring images that have been added recently and images that have been colored already.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Pixel Art is a coloring game that has a color with a number. The number has to match up the number in the picture in order to color it in. It provides you with different types of images that will blow your mind. Pixel Art is free to download, you can create your own coloring images and it has challenging images to color.

Pixel Art is free to access to since no payment is required to get the app. While many other coloring apps require payment, even though their images are simple, Pixel Art does not. The only thing that requires payment is getting the ads removed. The amount of money that needs to be paid is eight dollars in a three-day trial, 16 dollars monthly, or 48 dollars annually. If you just want to get an image done, just watch ad videos to color sections of the image. This can be done by sliding to the right of the color numbers at the bottom of the coloring image. There are an infinite amount of times you can get hints, but only if you are willing to watch an ad. The thing is that if you want hints, you do not get to pay for those.

If you are getting bothered by the images provided by the app, you can create your own images by just simply downloading one from Google or taking your own selfie. When you are in the app, there is a camera at the bottom description, which directs you to the coloring image that is preferred by you. Also, if you want to simply go back and look at your old works, there is a button at the bottom that directs you to your old work. You can even restart old pictures if you wish to do the same image all over again.

There may be images that may be easy to color but there are images that may take a long time to complete. There are pictures of varieties of things such as animals, plants, letters, emojis, etc. The pictures may go from small coloring spaces to having a whole lion colored. The coloring images are sometimes three D. The number of colors in a picture ranges from 10 to 30 colors. Some of the images may even include only three colors. Furthermore, some of the coloring pictures may range from a very simple image such as an umbrella to a very difficult image such as the beach.

Some users argued that “I wish there were more sloth images.” I may say that images arrive daily and if you go a day without using the app, the next day there are already about 10 more coloring images.

  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
  • Age rating: 4+
  • Payment: Free
  • Seller: Easybrain LTD