Passion for Photography and improving her public speaking: Jackqueline Marchan

By Kayla Cruz ’20

Before announcing that the rest of the school year would be closed due to COVID-19, senior Jackqueline Marchan was not able to practice her favorite hobby as much: photography. “Since I am a part of the IB program at school, I spend most of my time doing homework and studying, so I don’t really have enough time to practice photography,” Marchan stated. However, times have changed since being in quarantine because Marchan has more time in her hands. “Now that we are quarantined, I have gotten more time to practice photography,” Marchan stated. Marchan likes to take pictures of nature around her house because it “captures the simple beauty that many of us don’t realize.” Some of her favorite things to take pictures of are flowers and trees.

“I have always had a passion for photography because I like how I am able to show a different perspective about the world around us,” Marchan said. She also mentions how photography is “like capturing moments we can also look back to remember.” “I hope to continue this in college because I really do enjoy taking pictures and I can show my family how it is like,” Marchan expressed. This is one of the ways how she plans on showing her family how college is like and hopefully it will inspire her younger siblings to want to pursue a higher education beyond high school.

Besides being a photographer, Marchan has also participated in Pritzker’s Speech Team. “The reason why I joined the Speech team is because I wanted to improve my public speaking skills,” Marchan said. Marchan sometimes sees herself as a “wallflower,” but she wants to change that. “I know public speaking would help me in the future beyond college, so I want to be able to speak in front of large groups and not feel shy,” Marchan said. Being a part of the Speech Team not only helped Marchan practice her public speaking skills, but also helped her improve her confidence as well. “I feel more confident now in speaking up for myself and voicing my opinion whenever there is a group discussion and just in casual conversation as well,” Marchan said. 

Now that school is closed for the remainder of the year, Marchan is excited for what is to come. “Although I am sad that I won’t see my friends as much as I would like, I am excited to see what happens next,” Marchan explained. Aside from practicing her photography skills, Marchan is enjoying the time with her family as much as she can before college. “Family is really important to me because I am a big sister and I feel protective over my siblings,” Marchan stated. Marchan is close with her family and enjoys playing with them. “I am glad that my family supports me in my education and passion for photography,” Marchan stated.