Parents learn about planning for college

Ms. Abreu explaining to parents how important students' GPA are when applying to college. Photo Credit: Zitlalith Cortes

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

On April 2,Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting, was held at Pritzker from 6:00-7:30 p.m. to inform parents about the process of going to college and what students need to do in order to be accepted to multiple colleges.

First, parents went to the second floor of the building and signed in. Depending on the language preferred, parents went into one of two different room where the meeting was going to be presented depending on the language picked. Both rooms received the same information. In the Spanish room, College Office Manager Yesenia Abreu held the meeting. In the English room, College Counselor Sarah Kruger held the meeting.

The meeting started by giving a brief summary of the topic of the meeting. Then, the meeting went off to talk about the type of requirements for different colleges. Parents were then informed about multiple factors colleges focus on which are GPA, SAT scores, extra curriculums, letters of recommendation, and essays. Afterwards, in depth information on  each of the factors was given. The presentation put more emphasis on the GPA of students and compared transcripts with different students, and what kind of colleges would be their match. It was encouraged for parents to tell their students to take rigorous classes such as honors, AP, IB, or summer classes.

Parents were then informed about financial aid. Depending whether a student is a citizen or not, some financial aid may apply to certain students while others might not. A type of financial aid that parents were introduced to was FAFSA. There are different kinds of financial aid in which students can apply for. The types of financial aid are institutional financial aid, private financing, scholarships from colleges, and loans from the federal government. Catalina Barrera, a mother of Marisol Barrera, stated her opinion on this meeting, “It was helpful because now I have an idea of how much I am going to pay for my daughter’s college. I now know how important it is for her to be in activities and how her GPA it is going to help her when applying.”

Parents were given examples on how the scholarships and loans reduce the amount needed to pay for college depending on the type of college. Some of the colleges that were broken down  were the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Hope College, and Illinois State University. Afterwards, parents were advised to start saving for college. Margarito Mendoza, father of a student at Pritzker from class 2016 and 2022, stated how good scholarships students at Pritzker receive because “it’s a good school. You probably have noticed.”

At the end, the college panel presented themselves to give advice to the parents at the meeting and talk about their experiences. Parents had the opportunity to ask them questions. The college panel were Denise Lesley, mother of a student at Pritzker from class of 2017 and 2020; Margarito Mendoza, father of a student at Pritzker from class 2016 and 2022; Amanda Quiles, alumni graduate from Pritzker and class of 2013 who represents the admission at the University of Chicago; Liam Lawson, alumni graduate from Pritzker and class of 2010 who is counselor of graduated alumni.

The meeting ended with Uriel Campo letting parents know that there was going to be another meeting on May 8 named “Lobby Day.”