Pandemic: An informative Netflix series

By Marina Frayre ’22

“Pandemic” is a Netflix series that has relevant timing, shows the reality of the doctors and scientists, and has clear quality.

This series is a documentary about how the doctors and scientist fought against influenza, and how they’re preparing for the next outbreak. 

The timing is relevant since the Coronavirus is occurring right now and it is taking over all of social media and news channels because of its effect. Coronavirus is basically the new pandemic of the decade and this documentary shows how a Pandemic is treated.

During this time of panic and stress, the documentary shows how hard and fast the scientists try to work to find the cure for influenza, which could be comforting to certain people in a sense. 

The relevance of the documentary is important now because it also shows the reality of a pandemic which can teach many lessons especially at a time like this when many people might feel very anxious due to the pandemic.

This documentary also shows the reality of the lives of the doctors and scientists which is absurd.

The documentary shows how doctors take up to 72-hour shifts and work through sickness themselves at all times. The doctors must fulfill this task of long hour shifts or else the number of people untreated will just increase which is unbelievable. 

The doctors also have to put their whole lives on hold because of the lack of doctors which forces them to work a crazy amount of hours. Some doctors are forced to sleep, shower, and eat at the hospital because there are people who need to be treated at all times at the cost of limiting doctor’s lives. 

This documentary also shows the reality of scientist’s lives, and how much work they put in. Scientists have to find sponsors to keep their experiment going, which means that some scientists could have a strong idea, but it will not be continued because of a lack of sponsors. 

In addition, the documentary has true images in showing how patients are treated as well as how they test vaccines on animals while in the process of finding a new vaccine. 

The documentary shows how patients are treated all around the world during the pandemic of influenza. 

It has clear images of how a patient is treated since entering the hospital until the time of their exit. 

The documentary does not censor any part of the scientist testing vaccines on animals nor how they test the patient for the flu.  I believe this is important because it shows the truth.

Some might argue that there is irrelevant content but I disagree. I think everything is relevant because it shows things from all different points of view.