Open house for eighth graders

Mrs. Spitz is explaining what makes Pritzker so great to 8th grade families. Photo Credit: Kayla Cruz

By Kayla Cruz ’20

Pritzker College Prep hosted their 12 annual open house for future freshmen to get a sense of what it would be like to be a student at Pritzker.

Carrie Spitz, principal, started off the event by explaining the four Pritzker values, which are tenacity, reflection, community, and excellence. From there, she gave a brief explanation on the culture at Pritzker and how Pritzker is an outstanding school. From there, the families were able to interact with some faculty members and students. Families had the option to look in some classrooms that were based off of interest. For example, there was one room that was dedicated to electives while another classroom was dedicated to athletics.

“This year has been different than our previous open house because we have Go CPS, which allows families all over the city of Chicago to see what high schools are out there,” Julia Martinez, who was in charge of the open house, said. Chicago has now jumped on the system like many other places around the United States like New York and New Orleans. Go CPS is a new change the city has made for the application process for eighth graders to find their future high schools. This system allows the eighth graders to see all of the high schools in the city of Chicago unlike before if a students would not know what other high school opportunities there is for them.

Also, this open house was different from previous ones because there were interest rooms. “We were able to have specific classrooms dedicated to certain interest like athletics, electives, our IB/AP program, etc.,” Martinez also said these interest classrooms were a change from last year open house because from the previous years, families have got a presentation and a tour of the school. Unlike this year, parents can find out more information on what interest them.

One thing for that still has not change through the years was the intimidation eighth graders had on the amount of homework given per night and the demerit system. For majority of the eighth graders, the demerit system and the homework was something they were intimidated by.  “I’m just nervous about the amount of homework given per night because I hear it’s a lot,” said  Daniel Hernandez, an eighth grader who attended Pritzker’s Open House. Another thing that intimidates student how strict Pritzker is.

Parents on the other hand are excited to have their children attend Pritzker. “I’m excited for my kids to join Pritzker because I feel Pritzker will teach him life skills to help him grow as a person like to be more responsible or how to manage time,” Maria Hernandez, parent who attended the Open House.

Overall parents thought that Pritzker would benefit their children by teaching them real life skills and that  Pritzker offers amazing opportunities for their children like the IB/AP program.

Pritzker’s Open House was a success by giving more information to parents on how the student life is like here and how Pritzker offers amazing opportunities to their students.