Me Before You: A Heart-rending Film

DVD of Me Before You movie taken at Target. Photo credit: Rosalia Lopez

By Rosalia Lopez ’18

“Me Before You” directed by Thea Sharrock is based on the book written by Jojo Moyes and it features Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin.

“Me Before You” is about an English girl, Lou, that lives in a
small town and has to work in order to help her family. She is offered a job to help take care of a wealthy man named Will, who refuses to get help because he’s embarrassed by his condition, which is not being able to walk for the rest of his life. Lou needs to help Will to do everything because he can barely move his hands, much less his whole body.

Also, part of the reason why  Will is depressed is because his girlfriend left him for his best friend and got married, and they had the audacity to   invite him to their wedding.

After Lou, who is very positive and active, starts working with Will, she notices that he is depressed and tries to get him out to visit places with her. As time goes on, they both start falling in love for each other, but Will already has made a decision that will impact both of their life. The decision that Will made is the turning point of the movie and it will make you cry, trust me!!

I would recommend this film to people who like drama and romance movies, but also for people who are open to experience a new type of film.

At first I thought that I was not going to like this movie because it looked and started very English like, and it was not my typical kind of movie, but as time went on, I started to really like the plot of the movie.

This movie will make you laugh because Emilia Clarke’s character, Lou, is very funny and weird in a sense of style at the same time. But, it will also make you cry at the end, so proceed with caution!!


  • Pg-13
  • Drama/Romance
  • 1h 50m