Marina Frayre; Star student

This is the picture of the Rugby girls after their win over Johnson College Prep.

By Ailyn Corona ’22

As the opponent’s right winger approaches closer to the home sides goal, she shoots it! Pritzker’s varsity goalie tackles the ball as she successfully guards it from advancing into the net! She’s done it again, another outstanding save. 

“I’ve always been an outside person, being indoors was never really my thing. I like putting my energy to use,” states Marina Frayre, sophomore athlete and scholar.

Frayre is Pritzker’s varsity goalie, varsity basketball player, and rugby player. Aside from that, she maintains jaw dropping grades ever since the start of freshman year.  To sum more in, she is well known for her energetic personality and outgoing vibes.

Very much like last year, Frayre has began the school year with joining any available sports. Rugby was something new she had begun doing this school year, which differed from her first year. Frayre believes that the more involved she becomes with school and its activities, the better it’ll look on her college application. 

Along with that, another thing that’ll look great on college applications are the classes one takes. With that being said, Frayre is currently taking AP World History, Honors English 2, and Honors Geometry while also being part of Early College Scholars (ECS). Her goal has always been to strive for that 4.0 GPA no matter how difficult the tasks become. Ending freshman year with a well above 4.0 GPA motivates her to never give up and to put her mind into what she really wants. With so much activity going on, she manages by always having a game plan, much like her games. 

“Having a time management plan is very important to me. I can see what needs to be done and what can really wait,” she states. 

Dayanara Gutierrez, sophomore friend of Frayre, describes Frayre as someone who always has a plan on what needs to be done and how it will be accomplished. “ Not only is Marina a very intelligent individual, she is also a very funny and ‘out there’ person, “ Gutierrez states.

When Frayre is not at any sport or school events, she enjoys going out with her friends, for she is, of course, just a teenager. She is well known for her sense of humor and her ways of never seeking negativity. She has no fear in speaking up and pouring her ideas and thoughts out to her classmates. 

“She’s such a chill person, not really someone who can be replaceable. I’m really glad we became close friends because she is just such a fun person overall,” states America Calvario, junior, who played alongside her during this years rugby season and last years soccer season. 

Frayre creates the example of what it is to be a student athlete while still maintaining to be the person she is. Shows how anything is really accomplishable if dedication is inserted, this all comes down to one such individual, Marina Frayre.