Looking into the life of the School Director

Mrs. Spitz in her office

By Joshua Kelly ’20

Ever wonder if the Pritzker staff were ever kids? If they were ever young? If they were ever normal? Well I did. I tried to ask someone that we rarely see. Someone we barely speak to. It took about two seconds before I knew who to ask. Carrie Spitz, the School Director. She was the first person who came to mind. She answered all those questions I asked myself. She was just the right person to learn about.

Now, you may think that  Spitz is always serious and never truly happy at all, but the fact is, she is a very kind, happy, and sweet person once you get to know her. She has not always worked at Pritzker. Believe it or not, before she got her job here, she taught at another Chicago school. Spitz explained, “Before I started working here, I was at a school that was not so successful.”

“One day, us teachers had an option to go on a field trip to a Noble school. I decided to go on it, and I was amazed on how happy the kids were to be there. That’s when I decided that I would want to work here.” Being able to work at a Noble School was like a dream job for her at that moment.

Soon after that, she was teaching a class when Noble representatives suddenly showed up. She believes that it was a surprise visit, but she isn’t sure if her memory is correct. As soon as they saw her talent, they were impressed and offered her the job at Pritzker. She wasn’t planning to turn it down. Now in 2017, Spitz has been working at Pritzker for ten years.

Her favorite thing to do at Pritzker is to walk through the hallways and ask the seniors “Where are you going to college?” She loves how at Pritzker, the system works. Every year, every student has college options. She likes how kids say Pritzker is like a prison but soon grow up loving it and having college lives. She thinks that it really changes lives.

When she isn’t working at Pritzker, she is with her family. She has a husband, a daughter, and a son. She has a lot of work to do just at Pritzker, and spending time with her family takes up a lot of time. But she loves them so much. How can you know that? Because as soon as our interview was over; she said she would Facetime her kids to say goodnight.

Now, most people think, mostly freshmen, that she is very strict. Heck, I even thought that at first. But after this interview, my whole perspective of her changed completely. She’s a person that wants to get the job done. Yet she is also a kind, caring, and intelligent person. Students rarely see her, especially freshmen. The time you’ll most likely see her is senior year. Her office is on the third floor in front of Ms. Guy’s office. Once you walk in there you see a desk, chairs, and a lot of pictures. Most of those pictures are of her family and some are portraits of her students she worked with.

She says that her hobby is scrapbooking, which is a tiny part of why she takes so many pictures.