Lazo’s Tacos: Savory Mexican Dishes

Side view of Lazo's Tacos Mexican Restaurant. Photo credit: Paola Diaz

By Paola Diaz ’19


Lazo’s Tacos is a Mexican family-owned restaurant with yummy food, elegant decor, and jaw-dropping service.

The outside of the restaurant looks very casual and normal, but inside it is actually a mixture of elegant and casual (also very space-y).

With speedy quick service, a large variety of dishes, educated staff members, and a comfortable environment. Anyone would love this restaurant!

The restaurant has so many options to choose from. There are tacos, tortas, empanadas, enchiladas, soups, tamales, quesadillas, seafood,  and so much more. Prices of drinks and dishes range from $2.25 to $18.95. The food was very affordable and very delicious at the same time, which is awesome because who wouldn’t love this deal? I ordered a “torta de asada” ($5.75) which was a sandwich with grilled beef meat, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce. The bread was crunchy, in my opinion, that was a good thing for this sandwich. It was not the best I have ever tried, but it was something I would recommend. It was definitely good. The tacos ($2.25) were also very good, and adding hot sauce (you can choose from red or green) gave them a more spicy taste that everyone loves.

The restaurant is located in the corner of West Armitage and North Western at 2009 North Western Avenue. It has the look of a casual restaurant from the outside of the building, but once walking in, the restaurant is more elegant than casual.  Inside, you will hear spanish music playing, you will find a large menu above a register table, dark lighting, colorful paintings, various tv screens, and lots of tables to sit at.

The service here was perfect. The waiters were there to assist us from the moment we walked in. They greet us and waited until we decide what table we want to eat at. They would make small talk to make us feel comfortable and welcome, which is nice in my opinion. While they waited for my final choice of dish I would order, they brought me a bowl of tortilla chips, hot sauce, and a glass of cold water. The waiter that assisted us would come every 10 minutes to ask us if we needed anything.

I have heard people complain saying “I felt very unwelcomed when I walked in…they made me feel like I was invisible.” and “service was a bit slow.” I believe that these two statements are incorrect because I had the complete opposite experience. When I walked in, I felt welcomed by the staff members’ smiles and greetings. The service was not slow at all, they took orders quick and delivered your food fast as well.

  • 2009 N Western Ave
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Hours: open everyday of the week for 24 hours.
  • 773-486-3303