Lady Jaguars face devastating lost against Chicago Bulls

By Alex Bahena ’19

The girls’ volleyball team took on Chicago Bulls Prep on Sept. 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the Pritzker gym. The volleyball team has been having a difficult time so far. They lost their two previous games; the team picked up losses against Noble Street in their season opener, and they also lost against ITW Speer Academy. As a result, the team was hoping to win against Chicago Bulls, but they are still looking for a win.

The game was able to go to three sets, with Bulls winning the first set, Pritzker winning the second set, and then Chicago Bulls winning the last set.

The game started out rough for the Jaguars.  Chicago Bulls was able to score 11 points on Pritzker. After a long scoring drought, Pritzker was able to score. At times, it looked like Pritzker would be able to come back from a huge deficit. Although the Jaguars were able to score a few more times, it wasn’t enough to pick up the first set. They lost the first set with a score of 15-25.

The second set began in the favor of Chicago Bulls, as it looked like a repeat of the previous set. Bulls scored the first three points, but the Jaguars soon got their rhythm back. This set was more evenly matched from the start to the end. Pritzker would take the lead, but then Bulls would comeback. The last few minutes of this set were close. Pritzker was in the lead, but Bulls was determined in closing the game out in just two sets. Pritzker managed to prevail, and was able to take this to a third set after winning the second set with a final score of 25-22.  

Sahian Sotelo, a senior on the team, stated that one of the biggest struggles has been keeping the same energy throughout all three sets. She brought up a point on what has become their biggest downfall: “We win the second set or the first [but] lose the third set due to not keeping the same energy.”  

The third set has been the enemy of the Jaguars in the two previous games. The Jaguars would manage to make it to a third set, which gave the team and spectators hope, but unfortunately, they would go on to lose in the third set. Sadly, this game would fall onto the same outcome from the previous two games.

This set was difficult to watch if you were in favor of the Jaguars. The game was looking to be fairly even at the start, but after a while it became one sided. After the score became 7-13, Pritzker had a difficult time scoring.  Conversely, the scoreboard read 8-18; finally, the scoreboard read 9-19. So at this point, all hope was lost. Pritzker wasn’t able to score for the rest of the game. The girls ended up dropping the game with a result of 9-25.

While the Jaguars are still looking to pick up a victory, Sotelo and her teammates hope to improve by working together and building their trust. At the end of the day, a team wins by having chemistry. If chemistry is not present, then a team will struggle to perform efficiently.