Kavon Howard: The Hooper

Kavon Howard: The Hooper

By Michael Barcenas ’20

Who is Kavon Howard?

Kavon Howard, a senior on the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team, is finishing up his last season in high school. Howard has played four years for Pritzker. He started as a JV player his first couple of years and worked himself up to be able to play on the varsity level. 

Howard’s passion for the game

Howard loves the game of basketball and has a big passion for the game. He also enjoys watching the NBA, “My favorite player in the NBA is Kyle Kuzma,” stated Howard.

When did he start playing?

Howard first picked up a ball in the fifth grade and has played competitive basketball ever since. Entering high school, he made the JV Boys’ Basketball team. In his sophomore year, he stayed on JV, and junior year he started off his season as a JV player and was later bumped up to be in the varsity team. Now as a senior, Howard is on the varsity team and is a big help to the team this year.

Basketball Experience in High School

Of his four years playing for the Pritzker team, Howard explained his favorite memory. “My favorite basketball memory at Pritzker would be blowing out DRW my Junior year because it was something no other basketball team at Pritzker has done.” “That win felt so good that I will always remember that game,” stated Howard.

Howard believes he has improved a lot throughout his high school years. Howard explained, “I have improved a lot due to the fact that now I can play at the guard position, which is something I have never done.” Howard still believes there is room for improvement as he stated, “I need to improve on my ball handling and on my one on one defense since those are two things that I continue to struggle on.”

Friends and Teammates

Al Green, a senior, is a great friend of Howard. Green has known him since freshman year, as they are also in the same advisory. Green sees Howard as a brother. Green explained his thoughts on Howard’s game, “I would say he is a pretty good basketball player and I believe this because we play at Mozart all the time so I have experienced playing against him.” Green has seen Howard play for the past years and he stated, “He has gotten a lot better especially on his jumpshot.” Green is a big fan of Howard and the Boys’ Basketball team as he almost always goes to all their home games.

Jonathan Rodriguez, a senior who is on the varsity team, and has been on the Varsity team for the last three years explained how he met Howard, “I have known Kavon since freshman year. We first met through basketball.” Rodriguez played with Howard his freshman year and now his senior year. Rodriguez knows Howard’s game pretty well, Rodriguez stated, “As a basketball player he is very creative and he knows how to play good team basketball.” Rodriguez explained how Howard has improved his game, “His basketball skills have improved, but as a leader I have seen Kavon become more involved and a good role model for the younger players.”

Thoughts on this season so far

As the Boys are finishing up the season their record so far is 1-6 conference and overall also 1-6. They recently played their senior night on Jan. 31, which they lost in a very close game against UIC. Kavon stated, “There is still some room for improvement, but I could not choose a better group of people to end my final  year at Pritzker with.” Howard has two more games until he has to say goodbye to Pritzker’s basketball and move on to a new chapter.