“K-12”: Melanie Martinez’s girly and creepy album/film return

Melanie Martinez’s K-12 Album Cover.

By Grecia Avila ’20

“K-12”, an album created by the American singer, songwriter, and music video director Melanie Martinez, was released on Sept. 6. For her return album, Melanie Martinez had partnered with Youtube on not only working for her album, but also for her first feature film, K-12. This 13 track album was Melanie Martinez’s comeback from her previous debut album Crybaby, which was released in 2015. Her new album Martinez creates a storyline following her character Crybaby from her previous debut album. 

The new album expresses to be more powerful than her debut. K-12 shows a sort of sibling connection between Martinez’s previous album Crybaby. Martinez’s creation of both her album and film follow the storyline of her character Crybaby, which from her previous debut album was demonstrating her message of living a broken childhood. Her new album, following the same character, now shares the message of living through the hardships of school. 

The album’s  combination with her film shows more stunning visuals that align with her lyrics. Martinez created more interesting beats for her new album. Martinez shows a mix of her sinister electronic pop music with dark messages featuring frightening visuals and vocals.

Through her album she seems to follow a variety of different themes for her lyrics like contrasting happiness and sadness or light with dark. As Martinez shares the dark messages of what she faces through her years in school, many others can relate to her experiences. 

K-12 seems to represents a perceptive commentary on issues like desperation to fit in, treatment of society, and self-love. In her album songs like “Strawberry Shortcake”, “Nurse’s Office” and “Show & Tell,” display these issues matching her message on how cruel it can be to be an adolescent through school and in society. 

I would highly recommend this album to anyone that loves a mixture of Pop and Alternative/Indie, as well as those who are huge Melanie Martinez fans. I enjoyed this album. I was very excited when I heard Melanie Martinez was finally releasing a new album and for me she did not disappoint I loved everything about this album. Some don’t agree with the track list of the album because of its meaning and lyrics. People were able to express their disagreements and negative thoughts about the album on apps and websites like Reddit and Youtube. 

  • K-12 is also available to you on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. 
  • Release Date: Sept. 6. 
  • Genre: Pop/Alternative/Indie
  • Songs: 13