Junior events get canceled due to COVID-19

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

All junior events at Pritzker have been canceled to prevent students from being infected with the COVID-19. 

Junior events such as the Russian Olympiada on March 14, Noble Network college fair on March 18, and  Global Glimpse trips, which happen over the summer, were all canceled. 

Because all of these events involve large group gatherings, students could be exposed to COVID-19, which can lead to serious health problems towards students and staff members.

Adrienie Cornejo, a junior, expressed her feelings on the Noble Network college fair being canceled: “I felt sad that we weren’t able to go to our college fair because I was looking forward to learning [about] new colleges.”

Although this may seem unfair, students’ health is the priority of Noble. In this case, Noble must follow CPS’ rules when it comes to large-scale gatherings. Students are at risk of being infected with COVID-19 since no one knows who has it, and it could spread easily in big events. 

Skylah Martinez, a junior who is part of Global Glimpse, stated her sentiments on her trip being canceled this year due to COVID-19: “I was upset that the trip got postponed because I was really looking forward to going to Educador this summer.” 

Since the COVID-19 is a current national epidemic, all Global Glimpse trips are being canceled until next school year over the summer. “I don’t want to go next summer because that’ll be my last summer before going to college, and I want to spend it with the people closest to me,” said Martinez.

There were many opportunities offered that were going to help students, whether for college or to learn about different cultures by traveling to another country, or even winning a medal for knowing a lot of Russian.  Cornejo explained that she “lost the opportunity to talk to the admissions officers but that doesn’t stop” her “from being familiar with colleges.” She went on to say that she “wanted to learn more about colleges and how” she “will fit in to their colleges, but [the canceled college fair] won’t stop” her “from doing research on her own.”

Similarly, Martinez explained the big opportunity she lost: “Everyone that has gone to Global Glimpse has said nothing but good things about it. I’m sad I won’t be telling any cool stories about my trip to the people who will be doing it next week. It all just really sucks.” 

Although students are upset for all these events being canceled, they should know that they were canceled because their safety and health comes first before anything else. Many are hoping they will soon know what will happen as a replacement of these events, so they do not feel as if these opportunities were lost.