Jose Manuel Y Los Plebes del Rancho: Does Jose Manuel reach Ariel Camacho’s level or better?

Video of “Que Caro Estoy Pagando” and shows Los Plebes del Rancho. And along with talented Jose Manuel. Photo credit: Luis Marquez


By Luis Marquez ’19

Del Records is the best known company whom Ariel Camacho and his best known group “Los Plebes del Rancho” worked for. But since Ariel Camacho died Del Records had to find another talented singer to replace him. This is where Jose Manuel comes in with his main goal to play just like Ariel Camacho. With this, there are three points to focus on a developing artist: background information on artist, type of music, and guitar playing/vocal voice.

Manuel, the singer with style, is leading on Los Plebes del Rancho. Manuel, the singer with quick guitar playing, often uses charming cheesy words, such as to describe how in love one would be with a girl, but in the end just to realize she was the wrong one. The quick learner got used to playing just like Camacho’s beats and adjusting to playing fast and quick like Camacho. And then having to adjust to put words that would match the tone of the music. And often words he chooses are like romantic and heartwarming to many people.  Also he uses wise words and on things he regrets about something. Which later on end up trending and becoming a successful hit.

Jose Manuel with the type of music he succeeds on and tends to make would be like music that makes people get into their feelings. Music that makes people fall in love and basically about love. As one of his songs called “Que Caro Estoy Pagando” which is a song he based off. From one of his friend falling  in love with the wrong girl. Which often happens nowadays or the other way around you choose. But his song promotes love and charming feelings. Along with other type of music other than love would be like music that talks about being wise and living in harsh conditions and becoming successful. One song that describes this is “Del Negociante,” which is basically like two brothers promising when they grow up they’ll be successful. Later on both brothers become successful with luxury cars and suits.

Finally,  something all artist are looked upon are their vocals and how good they play their guitar. Manuel, in this case, would be considered a fast guitarist. As in all of his songs, when there is low tone or like a smooth rhythm. He tends to hit the beats slowly. Whenever his music tends to be corrido types he quickens his beat playing and tends to move his fingers faster where he wants the beat to sound more in. His vocal tends to be low then louder in love music. And then in other type of music it’s more about his vocals being louder. In all this young talented guitarist times his beats and when to raise his vocals.

In all, I feel like Jose Manuel is a okay artist. And is not fully replacing Ariel Camacho. Because most of his greatest music hits. Were from love songs. And Ariel Camacho big hits were from both love and corrido songs. Not just love songs like Jose Manuel.


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