Joellyn Galan; an athlete of the girl’s Basketball team

By Sarahi Navarrete’22

At Pritzker College Prep there are different types of sports and one of them is Basketball. Basketball season is starting and  Joellyn Galan, a sophomore, is one of the players on the team. 

This is the second year that Galan is on the basketball team. Galan said that one of the reasons that she joined the team is because it’s her favorite sport. Galan also said that she chose to play basketball instead of other sports because basketball caught her attention and she liked it. There are two types of teams on basketball one is JV and the other one is Varsity. Galan is playing her second year on the Girls’ JV basketball team. 

 Some of the things that Galan feels she needs to work on putting more time into practicing and she is planning on improving this by watching how the other girls on the team play. Galan said, “Some of the things I do well when I play basketball is defense and dribbling the ball without looking down.” These were things that Galan was struggling with last year, but now she knows how to do them and they are some of the things that she is best at.

So far none of the teams have played a game because they are just starting the season and they just finished doing tryouts. The tryouts were held from Nov. 4 to Nov.6 and in order for the girls to join the team they had to attend all three days. Galan said, “Right now I only stay one day after school for practice.”  Since they are starting a new season of basketball, they have to stay one day for practice. However, as they get further into the season, they are going to start staying more days for practice. The team stays from 4:05 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for practice.

Galan said, “It’s going to be a lot easier to play basketball this year because now I know more things and I know how to play better than I did last year.” Galan feels that this year is going to be different than last year since last year she did not know a lot about basketball but this year she is starting the season with more knowledge. Galan said, “A specific goal I want to achieve this year is to win my games.” Galan said she is going to achieve this goal by practicing and learning new skills so she could win the games and also by putting a lot of effort into the games.

Since this is the second year she is playing basketball Galan said, “I felt nervous when I first joined the team last year but this year I don’t feel the same thing because I [am] actually excited.” We can see how Galan’s emotions change from when she started playing last year to this year. Galan also said, “I can help out my teammates by giving them examples on how to do [things] so they can watch and learn.” Since she felt anxious during her first year, she doesn’t want her teammates to feel the same way, she is going to try and help the girls as much as she can.