Joanna Bahena: The young talented star

Joanna Bahena (Left) and Denise Jimenez (Right) with the championship plate. PC:Unknown

By Michael Barcenas ’20

This person made Varsity for the Girls’ Soccer team her freshman year and had an amazing season for her first year of high school. She has a big passion for soccer. This student is sophomore, Joanna Bahena.

Bahena started her soccer career at seven years old, where she played for her dad’s friend’s team. Bahena stated, “It was very funny because when I started to play I was so small and everyone would laugh at me.”

Bahena has been playing soccer for eight years now with her freshman year being one of best years of her playing soccer. Bahena and the rest of the Varsity team won for the fourth consecutive time the Noble League. Although they did not win Regionals overall, they had a great season.

As the 2019 soccer season is right around the corner, Bahena stated, “I am really excited for this season because of the great experience I had last season.” Bahena wants the team to go far in the season.

Bahena believes she can improve in certain areas, she explained, “What I will improve on this upcoming season would be to try to shoot when I have the chance and to put more effort on the field.”

Denise Jimenez, a junior  who is close friends of Bahena and also  part of the Girls’ Varsity team, explained her thoughts on Bahena’s game, “I think Joanna is an amazing player. She has great and fast footwork, and she can really shoot the ball right where it needs to be.”

Last season was the first time Jimenez and Bahena were teammates. Jimenez stated, “The thing I enjoy the most about playing with her is that she never gives up.” Jimenez also said, “She is always very encouraging and pushes me to do the best.” Jimenez also said she is very excited to play another season with Bahena.

Adrienie Cornejo, a sophomore who is also on the Girls’ Soccer team and a close friend of Bahena, stated her thoughts on Bahena’s game, “She is amazing. She knows how to pass the ball, she knows how to dribble, and knows how to shoot.”

Just like Jimenez, this was the first time Bahena and Cornejo were teammates. Cornejo stated, “I enjoy every time I play by her side. She makes the game a whole lot better.”

In three words, Cornejo would describe Bahena as athletic, ambitious, and amazing. Jimenez would describe Bahena as determined, amazing, and energetic.

Bahena stated her last thoughts for this upcoming season, “I know I can do better than last season because I will put more effort on my games.”