Jaguars intense game against Comer

Pritzker boys' going over plays

By Pedro Ibarra-Barrera 17’

On Feb 9 the Pritzker Jaguars had a competitive and intensive match against Comer. The game had not started but the Jaguars were confident and relaxed as they were showing it in their warm ups. The confidence they had was good although that changed during the game as they started to get competitive. The boys were energetic and very unite. The game was at Comer home.

Something that didn’t favor them was that they had very few people supporting them which could have been a reason why they didn’t seem so motivated in the game. Captains senior Joel Vargas and senior Joluis Chamorro tried to make the team more confident by cheering them up throughout the whole game. Once the game was on its way the Jaguars started winning 10-7 in the first quarter. The game was pretty quick and exciting because both teams gave everything they had. In the beginning of the second quarter the Jaguars were still in the lead 22-16.  At halftime the Jaguars were in the lead 29-22 which was not exactly what Coach Ryan Palmer 10th grade Chemistry teacher who was very intense with his instructions to the team and was constantly yelling where the team should be  throughout the whole game. When it came up through the 3rd quarter the Jaguars were really nervous and it reflected in the score 38-38.  When the 3rd quarter was over the Jaguars were in the lead once again 38-41 which had been surprising because they weren’t being aggressive as they were. Comer was able to make a comeback and defeated the jaguars 49-47 in what was a really intense game.  

Vargas said, “that the one thing that went good was that the team was always fighting until the end which showed the love they had for that sport.”  He mentioned that the team showed a lot of teamwork which is always helping the team become stronger.

Vargas stated, “he’s feeling good of playing basketball this year and he really expects to accomplish many great things.” Vargas  was really excited of playing each game because he hopes that the team makes it to the championship and win it because that would be one of his unforgettable moments as a senior.

Vargas also said, “he  can only describe the team in one word and that is family because of the new friendships they build and how close they are.” The team really celebrates each game  because they learn new things from each other.

Chamorro said, “going into halftime we were winning we relaxed too much and stopped being aggressive and that’s when Comer made a comeback.” Chamorro knew that they had giving the game away but he know’s what they need to change for next game.

Chamorro stated, “that he can only describe his team as hard workers because they are working hard every single day to make a good game and then have a good season.”  Every time they work harder than the day before because they know that they can only get better.