“Insatiable”: A Wild and Dark new season

A screenshot image of the Netflix original series Insatiable including the demonstration of the new season and episodes.

By Grecia Avila ’20

“Insatiable,” directed by Lauren Gussis is a teen-drama and comedy series available on Netflix. I really enjoyed this series ever since the first season came out because of its frenetic script that managed to captivate most of its audience. The series seemed to catch the attention of a diverse audience. However, the main audience seems to be the attention of women. Due to the series starting off with a dark message as the main character Patty Bladell, played by Debbie Ryan, who is an overweight, bullied teenager who seeks revenge after she transforms into a slender beauty pageant contestant. 

However, with all shows, there seems to be controversy around it: body acceptance. It seems to promote satire towards how society treats individuals like Patty Bladell and also how her character reacts to those treatments. Through the first season, Patty goes through a journey of competing at pageants to help her gain confidence within herself. However, we get to see her dark side of how whenever she faces a problem: she binges on food. 

It also highlights how after Patty completely transformed herself, her whole life went downhill. In the new season, we see an even darker side of Patty Bladell she shows her tendency for food and murder

The new season of the series not only focuses on body-shaming and eating disorders, but also bring upon other social issues like discrimination, addiction, violence, and stereotyping. The plot of the new season displays how although Patty is still competing she still faces problems with understanding herself and why she does the things she does, like binge eating or murder. 

The plot expresses her struggles, but also demonstrates the support she receives from her best friend Nonnie Thompson, played by Kimmy Shields, and her pageant coach Robert Armstrong, played by Dallas Roberts. Both characters have stuck with Patty ever since the beginning. However, Nonnie has not witnessed the darker side of Patty like Robert has, yet he believes that Patty is his destiny that he is meant to be with her through everything. 

The different settings and characters aligned with all of their different personalities were very unique. Not only I but many others can also relate to all of them on different levels. The character’s wardrobe also aligned perfectly with the plot and theme of the series, which was mostly trendy and girly. As well as every visual within the series was very intriguing and captivating.

I would recommend this film to those who like a mix of teen-comedy and dark-drama, especially those who are fans of Debbie Ryan who made me more excited to see the series. 

  • Release Date: July 19, 2018 
  • PG-13
  • Romance, Comedy, Thriller, and Drama