How students manage their stress

By Jonathan Rosales ’19

For many students, it can be stressful to balance their social life with their school life. For the freshmen, it can be a difficult transition from middle school to high school, especially if you were given little to no homework and received no LaSalles or demerits. During sophomore year, you get the hang of things and nothing really changes. By junior year, a student gets the hang of Pritzkers expectations. Although, some juniors may have to adapt to something new: IB classes. IB is considered college-level classes. On the other hand, because juniors are expected to be more responsible, they aren’t given out LaSalles, Juniors must continue to do their homework to keep this new privilege. By senior year, everyone should be comfortable with Pritzker and the expectations. The seniors should be more focused than ever because college essays happen senior year.

Tiana Jackson, a junior in the IB program, explained the challenges she’s facing with IB classes. Jackson stated, “The most challenging part of IB is when teachers are quickly throwing a lot of information. With the information given, you have to retain and understand it. And if you do not get something, you will fall behind.”

Mauricio Rodriguez, a senior, explained that the cause of all his stress comes from college essays. “Alongside with college essays, there is also meeting college deadlines and focusing on other classes as well,” Rodriguez added on. He also explained how time management is a helpful skill needed your senior year to finish college essays: “You are applying to so many colleges that will determine the future of your education, so it seems like a lot of responsibility is put on us.”

So, how do Pritzker students cope with all this stress? Jackson said she copes with stress by communicating with her classmates and asking them for help. Additionally, she said listening to music relaxes her. For Jackson, having a strategy to control and cope with stress is relieving.

The way Rodriguez copes with his stress is by thinking ahead: “I take things one at a time instead of having everything on my mind. Not only does this help reduce stress, but it makes it more efficient to get my work done.”

Like Jackson, Rodriguez also controls his stress by listening to music and using social media such as Facebook and Snapchat. Teens looking for ways to cope with and control stress is important, and can be done differently depending on the person.