How Dayanara’s freshmen year is going

By Mirna Pineda ’21

Freshmen year the beginning of high school, the new school year begins and new students enter Pritzker.

As new students enter the school some believe it’s a challenging school. Dayanara Gutierrez, a freshman stated, “The challenges I faced are adapting to the new schedule and the amount of homework compared to last year.”

Gutierrez said that so far she really like the school.

Gutierrez also mentioned that being a freshman “is hard because there are a lot of new things to get used to.”

Students a Pritzker take PSATs to prepare them for Junior year. Gutierrez said that the PSATs are kind of hard because of the time given to finish the test.

Pritzker having a different system then other schools some have said that they like and dislike the school. Gutierrez stated, “I like advisory and dislike the small hallways because it takes me longer to get to classes.”

Gutierrez added on, “I would [also] make the lunchtime longer.”

Students at Pritzker are required to have a B point average and a GPA at a 3 point one or above.

Gutierrez said that her grades are higher than what she expected. Gutierrez has a GPS higher than a 3 point one.  

Clarita Gutierrez, Gutierrez sister stated, “I can see [that] Dayanara works hard to keep her grades up.”

Pritzker has a disciplinary rule if students get four demerits they get a detention. Gutierrez said that she hasn’t gotten any detentions but it’s something she hopes to never get.

Some think Pritzker is too hard or strict. Gutierrez stated, “Even with the system Pritzker has I plan on staying at this school.”


Gutierrez was going to the school Marine Leadership Academy and decided to come to Pritzker. Gutierrez said, “I came to Pritzker because of the curriculum, and my chances of getting into a good college are higher than a public school.”  

Gutierrez sister stated, “Dayanara schedule changed entirely”.

“RING RING” Gutierrez woken up from the alarm.

Gutierrez said that she used to wake up earlier and now she enjoys not having too.

Students are required to do homework for three to four hours. Gutierrez stated, “It takes me about two or three hours to do my homework but I know it’s helping me on the long run.”

When walking in the hallway friends come up to Gutierrez and make conversation. Having to adapt to new rules some say it can be challenging to make new friends.

Gutierrez said that for her it’s easy to make friends people just need to know how to be social

Gutierrez also mentioned that the school has a positive environment.

Pritzker has rules of discipline. Gutierrez stated, “I think the rules are good because it helps discipline kids so that they can do better at school.”

Pritzker has three electives being Choir, ROTC, Band, and Journalism. Students are expected to pick an elective for their fours years of high school.

Gutierrez said that the elective she’s in is journalism and she choose it because it seemed interesting, and it can help improve her writing skills.”

Freshmen are required to have point two-five enrichment credit by the end of the year.

Gutierrez mentions, “I haven’t joined a club but I have point 50 enrichment credit.” If students have completed their enrichment credit during summer school they don’t have to join a club but are encouraged to. Gutierrez added on that in the future she’d like to join volleyball.

Freshmen are able to take honors classes. Gutierrez has honors Composition, Honors Algebra, and advanced physics.

Gutierrez stated, “having advanced classes can be a challenge but it’s better for my future.”

Gutierrez mentioned, “I want to go to college and med school and become an anesthesiologist.”

Gutierrez says that she knows it will be a challenge but she has to work in order for her dream to come true.