Have curse words lost their shock value?

Shows the variety of different words that many humans use.

By Erik Pacheco ’20

In his rap song called “Mo Bamba,” Sheck Wes states the words, “F***, S***, B****!”

Curse words are very common things to say in the world, but sometimes you can’t help yourself but to say them. However, have these words become so common that they have lost their shock value?

Today, stating these words would not get you a shocking reaction. Also, some curse words that are being used do not make sense when knowing the definition. Finally, curse words are just a thing you  say to just say.

History of curse words and their meanings

There has been many words that seem like a sign of disrespect; however, curse words do not mean what you want them to mean. I’ll explain with two examples.

Let’s start with a really  famous curse word: B****. The actual meaning of this word is “a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.” This word was manipulated to either describe women or describe a situation the person is in.

The next word, which is commonly used word, is gay. This word originated in the late 14th century. The actual definition of gay is “lighthearted and carefree.” People have also manipulated this word to describe a  person’s sexuality, a certain situation, or a certain location.

Shock value is gone

Curse words are very common and seen throughout all of social media. By just seeing a curse word, you  would not think, “Oh! This person just swore at this other person; he’s disrespecting him.” However, it is more like “LMAO.”

Since curse words have become so common, they have fully lost their true shock value, which is the disrespect among using these words. Also, since they’re just things you say, teachers have taken a toll on this and have been saying it to students as well, based on personal experiences.

Curse words are something that you just say

Okay, so we know now that curse words are just a thing to say and don’t mean any harm to any person, one could safely say that you could just say these words to release anger, stress, or sadness.

One perfect example of using curse words to release anger is when you stub your toe, get hurt, or being so angry that you can’t express it in any other way. Just scream out ”F***” and you should be fine. A good example to use curse words to release stress is when you get a big exam or assignment that you can’t express how stressed you are so you just say “for f*** sakes.” Finally, a good example for when your sad is when you get your heart broken, just release that sadness through curse words, and you should be fine.