Hangry’s: Best food in Belmont Cragin

Hangry’s: Best food in Belmont Cragin

Hangry’s is a small restaurant located in the community of Belmont Cragin with friendly service, a rustic homey vibe, and traditional American food with a Mexican twist.

When I walked in, I took a seat wherever I liked, and then the server brought me the menu. When ordering it was different than at regular restaurants because you have to stand up and go to the register to order. 

The servers are very friendly. When going up, they receive you with a big smile then ask how you’re doing.  The servers are very respectful and polite. They are also constantly smiling when walking around, while regularly checking in. 

They give you a feeling as if you are being served by someone you are close with because they are not too formal that it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

In addition, when leaving the restaurant they tell you that they hope you have a good rest of your day which is very nice of them.  

The restaurant has an old fashioned feel. When serving the food they have an old newspaper under the food. The wood on the benches is an old darkish color and the table is made of rustic wood.  They have the menu on display on chalkboards. 

The vibes here also feel old because of the old fashioned music that is playing in the background. They have Christmas lights hanging around, which gives it the homey feeling. 

Additionally, the place is not too bright nor too dark which also makes you feel at home, and they have a checker floor print which is not very common anymore.

The restaurant might be somewhere where you would like to go with your family because of the homey setting, but also because they have old fashioned, energetic music. 

The restaurant serves from appetizers such as fries, cheesy sticks, and cheese fries, to meals such as burgers, pasta, and wings. They also offer drinks such as slushy lemonade, Horchata, and milkshakes.  The meals are quite expensive, it is about $40 for two people. 

When I decided what to get, I ordered The Cheesy Burger. The burger includes a patty, cheese, mayo, tomato, mustard, lettuce, and onion. As the food arrived, the aroma of the patty hit my nose instantly with a freshly cooked smell. The tomato, lettuce, and onion looked freshly cut and freshly picked.  The Burger buns were nicely glazed in a crispy brown color. The patty is a dark brown well-cooked meat with grill marks. 

Some people have commented that the food here lacks flavor, but I disagree. I personally believe that the food had a very good flavor and did not lack any seasoning.