Handmade Market: A small, but unique craft fair

The small tables at the tiny craft fair Photo Credit: Bianca Feliciano

Handmade Market: A small, but unique craft fairBy Bianca Feliciano ’20

The Handmade Market is a small craft fair at the Empty Bottle that has unique handmade crafts with a variety of prices and only a handful of vendors.

As I walked into the small bar, I noticed tables scattered over every corner of the two rooms. The bar was dim and smoky, there was alternative music playing, which added to the vibe. Every table had its own lighting, which made all the items look as if they were on display.

There were about 30 vendors that sold a variety of handcrafted items, which range from clothes and soaps to cat toys and glass blown beads. Most of the vendors were located in Chicago, not too far from Wicker Park, which is the neighborhood where the Empty Bottle is located. The crafts being sold were amazing. I could not believe all of the vendors actually made these items. One thing that caught my eye was a woman who was carving art out of wooden slabs. She was sculpting the wood with such ease, making beautiful drawings.

There were not many people at the craft fair itself. There was an actual bar, and a counter area that sold drinks and most of the people crowded that area. I preferred fewer people since the bar was small and would have been packed with more people walking around. I was also the youngest person there, which was kind of odd since the flyer said children with parents 21 and up can attend the event.

The crafts being sold were pretty pricey, but for being handmade, I understand why. 25$ for a “Knife Ring” would not have caught my attention, but 10$ for a bar of organic soap did. Overall, I do recommend the Handmade Market for anyone who likes crafts or crafting, and for anyone who just wants to get out of the house. One might say that there should be more vendors, but I think the less overwhelming the better.