Halloween on a school day

Halloween on a school day

By: Katya Ramirez ’21

Halloween should be a day to enjoy dressing up in costumes, go out get free candy, and hang out with your friends. Like every year, Halloween falls on a school day and unfortunately, students have to go to school. Dealing with the dangers, is it 100% necessary to come to school on Halloween?

Halloween may not be a holiday that all people celebrate like Sevannah Laluz, a sophomore. Laluz came to the same conclusion as Aidan Molina, another sophomore. Molina and Laluz both confidently said that students may not be able to “focus” because they will tend to put their attention on what they will do after school for Halloween. A holiday like Halloween tends to take more time to prepare for and if Laluz did participate in Halloween she would still have, “2-3 hours of homework.” Molina, who does participate in Halloween, is concerned that sophomore year gives out more homework, so he will not “have time” to participate this year.

School on Halloween may be mandatory for issues like not enough school days needed for the school year as instructed or not considered a real holiday. Or because as  Pam Johnson, Dean of Culture states in an email, “Halloween is not a federal holiday and as such is not a day off from school as it the case for most schools and businesses around the country.” Pam also wrote that from her “personal experience” she has not known anybody to have “Halloween” as a day off because “Trick or treating happens after school in the evening hours.” On the contrary, having a day off on Halloween is much more than “just staying at home doing nothing,” Molina mentions. “It prevents students from coming in tired the next day,” because of lack of time to spend on Halloween. Also, for parents who work at night, have to worry if their son/daughter made it back safely from school because of kidnappings, gang affiliation, harassments that unfortunately occur on Halloween day.

If Halloween is a day that parents, teachers, staff have to worry about the students going home safely, would it not be easier to not make students go to Halloween at all? Pritzker has addressed this issue by canceling all after school activities, so students go home right after school. However, there is too much the school is doing to prevent accidents when the best way to prevent any incident to happen, is by not having the students go to school at all.

Trick or treating can be more dangerous during the night time because there are so many people out, and it is harder to notice anybody going missing from one second to another. Which is why trick or treaters and parents go earlier when it comes to trick or treating, but not everybody can go as early as others.. Students have homework to get done so it is not the same solution for everybody to just go early. “Homework primarily does get in the way from having fun on a holiday,” as Molina mentioned earlier, “because students have to worry about getting it done and it is the same for any break.”

Thus concludes that there is more than one reason for Halloween to be enjoyed as a day off and handled easily, rather than making all these changes on a school day.  But all of these reasons looking at the negative side of going to school on Halloween beat the odds.