Girls’ Basketball team takes a loss against ITW

Senior Yuritza Salgado #12 running after the ball to cath it before her opponent does.

By Perla Flores ’19

The lady jaguars varsity basketball team faced ITW in an intense game on Monday, Jan. 14, at ITW’s gym where they were defeated with a score of 67-7. This was a difficult game for the team players and many factors contributed. The players kept the game going and pushed to the end.

It was 5:30 p.m. when the game began. The first points were scored by ITW ladies. Quickly, this continued and the lady jaguars score began to fall back by a lot. At minute 4:40 of the first quarter, ITW was leading the game with a score of 12-0. The pattern continued and the first quarter ended 18-0 in favor of the opposing team.

Second quarter began after the lady jaguars huddled to talk about pros and cons happening in the game. They knew the score was not looking good and had to change tactics such as making rebounds, taking shots, but none prevailed. Minute 6:10 of second quarter, ITW continued to take the lead, now 27-0. Yuritza Salgado, senior and team member, was running up and down the court, fighting hard, and chasing the opposing team while covering their shots. She explained, “The game was really challenging because we haven’t had any recent practices beforehand and our most experienced players weren’t playing that day.” She found it hard to work as a team because they would not communicate. Second quarter ended 37-0 with Pritzker still losing.

It is the half time and ITW celebrates their senior night with a DJ playing loud pumping music. The cheerleaders jumping and dancing, rooting for their team. Lady jaguars taking a break and conferring about what was happening on the court.

Third quarter began after a short break. Speer still took control of the ball and dominated the passes. Finally, at minute  2:23, Salgado cheers Pritzker by scoring a three pointer and bringing the score 50 to 3. The quarter ends 52-3.

Fourth and final quarter things were not looking any better and the team members lost all hope that was left. Senior and team member, Sahian Sotelo kept pushing for the ball and it was obvious she still was putting all her effort. The clock kept ticking and another few shots were scored by Pritzker closing the game 67 to 7 in favor of ITW.

Sotelo explained, “The game for me I would say went pretty decent.” She continued to explain that the team “struggled with having motivation” and mentioned their loss was due to the team not putting enough effort as well as for “circumstances that were out of control with [their]former coach.”

All in all, this was a challenging game for the lady jaguars. It was very unfortunate that the game ended in a loss but it was a learning experience too. This was only one lost game out of many to come.