“GINGER”: BROCKHAMPTON’s phenomenal bounce back album

Spotify screenshot of the GINGER album by BROCKHAMPTON.

By Jesus Guerrero ’21

In 2018, the boy band/hip hop group BROCKHAMPTON kicked out one of their main members, Ameer Vann, after Vann was accused of sexually harassing multiple women. The group had been planning to release their fourth studio album, “PUPPY,” which was eventually scrapped. Later that year, in August of 2018, BROCKHAMPTON released their fourth studio album, “iridescence.” This album did poorly on the charts since Vann was kicked out of the group, but now, BROCKHAMPTON released their fifth album, “GINGER.” “GINGER” has a great tracklist, surprising features, and an overall refreshing listening experience.            

Before releasing “GINGER,” BROCKHAMPTON released singles every week that would eventually land on the album. These songs were being praised by BROCKHAMPTON fans and when the album was released, even greater songs were dropped. The song “SUGAR” has been the most popular on the album as of date.  Another great mention is “DEARLY DEPARTED,” which indirectly talks about past incidents this year with the departed Ameer Vann. Other songs worth mentioning are “BOY BYE,” “NO HALO,” and “ST. PERCY,” all reminiscing their superb SATURATION trilogy released in 2017, which was a very comforting sound, to say the least.  

 BROCKHAMPTON has over 10 members in the group, whether it’s producing or actually being included in the song, there are many voices to be heard. With the release of “GINGER,” they decided to switch it up, so they added features to the album. Ryan Beatty is heard in the second track, “SUGAR” and “VICTOR ROBERTS.” Beatty’s contribution to “SUGAR” is outstanding and practically forms the song’s chorus. Slowthai, another artist, was featured in “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU.” Slowthai’s contribution is also nice as well, but it doesn’t overshadow Beatty’s. It’s come as a huge surprise to the BROCKHAMPTON listeners that features are included in this album, but no one’s complaining.

“GINGER” seems to have some similar sounds to the SATURATION trilogy that formed BROCKHAMPTON’s name. That’s very refreshing as their music sounds brand new, but still, the feeling of their old style is familiar in this experience and the fans are loving it. “GINGER” was the perfect album for BROCKHAMPTON to bounce back on, with many different chart-topping songs and an overall great album to listen to.

Although, some may say that “GINGER” steered off the road and followed “iridescence” as one of BROCKHAMPTON’s worst albums. This, again, is an invalid point due to the extremely different nature that both albums had. Vann’s absence did leave a hard hit on the group, but it did not stop them from becoming great once again.

“GINGER” can be considered one of the best albums so far in 2019 and is worth all the time listening to. BROCKHAMPTON has finally gotten back to the amazing reputation that they once had with this album, and that’s an amazing thing to process.

  • Released on Aug. 23
  • 12 songs on the tracklist
  • Genre: Hip-hop