Francesca’s: A new way of fashion

Francesca’s: A new way of fashion

By Jocelyn Delgado ’19

Francesca’s boutique is a small owned women’s clothing and jewelry store, where many women shop at. The service, clothing, as well as the prices are all very important key aspects.

One thing about Francesca’s is that they put out clothes that pertain to the season and the trending season colors. It is a great way to attract customers because many people now a days choose to match with the theme of the season.

Right when you walk in, you are automatically greeted with a “Welcome in” by the cashier. This is a major highlight because most people want to feel like they are being welcomed with open arms by the people running the shop. While I was shopping around, one of the workers checked in on me to ask if I was looking for anything specific and reassured me that she would be around if I needed any help. A lot of customers appreciate this because it is a sign of common courtesy and allow the customer to know that they have someone who is willing to help with whatever they need.

There are a few Francesca’s locations around Chicago. Each one is specifically decorated to compliment the design of the clothes. Walking into the location on North Avenue, it’s smaller than you may expect. There are several racks of dresses, sweaters, shorts, jeans, and different tops that are hung on the racks. The walls are painted with neutral but bold colors. The bitter orange wall accents the different clothes that are set up for the fall season.

I purchased a knitted sweater from Francesca’s a little while back, and it was more expensive than I thought. I spent a total of almost $50. It was, honestly, worth it because it is extremely good material and has lasted a long time without changing shape or losing its color. The prices could be a little lower for each piece of clothing, but it is worth the money spent. I would recommend going to this store because it is a very good quality of clothing and different styles. Francesca’s is a new and stylish store for all women. They have an easy to use website and give amazing ways to shop.


  • Nearest address: 1001 W
  • North Ave, Chicago, IL
  • 60642
  • Contact: (312) 642-7170
  • Opens at 10 a.m.