Fortnite?! More like Fort-gone!

This is the black hole that came on Fortnite after the "The End" event. (Photo credit: Miguel Cordero).

By Miguel Cordero ’21

Fortnite and the “The End” event

Fortnite is a battle royale game that has been extremely popular ever since it was released in 2017. 

Recently, on Oct. 13, Fortnite came to an unfortunate end. Fortnite produced “The End” event, which featured Fortnite literally coming to an end. At the end of the event, players got to witness a black hole every time someone would load up the game. This occurrence would continue to appear for two days: Oct. 13 to Oct. 15. People wondered if this was actually the true ending to Fortnite. However, eventually, Epic Games released Fortnite: Chapter 2, which is ultimately the same thing as the first version of Fortnite with a new map, items, cosmetics, etc..

Fortnite is finally gone!?

With all this said, Chris Ticas, a senior, and David Mondragon, a junior, were actually thrilled at the belief that Fortnite had actually ended. “Well, my initial reaction when I saw on Twitter that Fortnite was ending were actually happy thoughts,” exclaimed Ticas. Ticas explained that he hated how little kids were wasting their time on a game that has literally no point. “Not only that, but I’ve heard that a lot of people have wasted a ton of money on that game. That’s a consequence you would have had to face if it truly went away,” stated Ticas. Similar to Ticas, Mondragon had the same views with a slight alteration: “I mean if Fortnite actually shut down, I would have actually been relieved because I have a little brother who literally uses my Nintendo Switch all day just to play Fortnite.” 

Fortnite is back and better than ever!?

Not everyone believed that Fortnite should have stayed shut down. In this case, Emanuel Mendoza, a junior, was thrilled that Fortnite actually came back. “It’s not that I play Fortnite 24/7, but like I’ve made so many memories on that game with close friends,” explained Mendoza. Mendoza also stated that he occasionally plays it with friends. “I mean just like David, if it really went away, I wouldn’t mind, but I’m glad that I can play that game with friends when we actually want to get on,” sadly said Mendoza.

Fortnite is here to stay unfortunately and fortunately!

Ultimately, Mendoza, Mondragon, and Ticas all had something in common: care. They all did not necessarily care if the game truly got cut off. However, one thing is for certain, Fortnite is here to stay!