Favorite Memories

Favorite Memories:

Andrew Granciano: My favorite memory has to be when I met Anahi Garcia in Mr. Palmer’s chemistry class in sophomore year. It was in November, and we just came back from lunch. I don’t remember what went down step by step; however, I do remember feeling a connection with Anahi. I remember feeling happy talking with her about our problems and trying to give each other advice. It was that moment when we started to become best friends. She was that person that made my sophomore year probably the best year in my high school life.

Daniel Cruz: My favorite Pritzker memory was when I sat next to my closest friend today, Emanuel Custodio in the beginning of freshman year. It was the first day of school and I was extremely scared because this was a whole new environment. Emanuel first engaged a conversation with me, and we had so much in common. Ever since that day, we have been the best of friends.

Danny Arias: I believe it was sophomore year. We had just changed into our PE uniforms. I proceeded to pantsed Jonothan Campuzano.

Carmelo Ariza: Watching the world cup during during gardening club for enrichment this past summer. We were allowed to watch the game while working on the garden and all my classmates during that time felt the adrenaline and feelings of how Mexico was doing. Such as, when they played Brazil. Me and my advisory brother Nestor Barrera would always argue if Mexico would beat them. We were all excited and at the end of the day everyone was surprised by the score. It was my favorite memory because it shows how close the world cup can bring us together. That is my favorite memory here at Pritzker.

Joe Salgado: My favorite memory from Pritzker is when as a junior we were going down the hallways and being clapped by our fellow students to give us a confidence boost for taking the SAT.

Luis Verdin: My Favorite Pritzker memory is playing Goalie for the varsity soccer team. Blocked the last shot to make it to the semi-finals.

Kenya Uribe: My favorite memory at Pritzker would have to be being part of the Cheerleading team because I met a lot of amazing people. Also, it was knowing that we all shared something we enjoyed doing.

Angelica Finnelly: I was awarded a certificate from a senator during a pep rally. I was excited because I had never received a reward like that before. When my name was called, and I had to walk through the freshman on the floor, I was pretty nervous because I didn’t remember volunteering for anything. I actually thought I was in trouble, but it was that certificate. I came home, and I showed my ma who was so proud of me. Seeing her happy like that made me happy too.

Shamari Mclaurin: My favorite memory was during sophomore year during the snowball trip, I was Mr. Selan’s group and we had played a game of hide and seek in the dark. It was fun because it felt good not to worry about homework and to feel like a kid again at our highest moments.

Willianys Vargas: My favorite Pritzker memory would have to be Free Hugs Day with Snowball. Veronica Martinez would chase after the people who didn’t want a hug and seeing pritzker students trying to make it to the front door to avoid her was so funny.

Lucia Escalera: My favorite memory would be when I fell down the stairs my freshman year. After coming back from the doctor’s office, my closest friends soon realized that “Escalera” translates to stairs. Jokes were consistently made about me “falling on my own kind” for a majority of my freshman and sophomore years.

Ana Gallardo: My favorite memory was during senior year honors band trip to NEIU. I learned a lot from great musicians in college.

Betzaida Alamo:  One of my favorite memories was in my first year at Pritzker. I was running late for school, and as I ran out my house, I didn’t realize I stepped on dog poop with my ro boots until I arrived. My first period was Algebra with Ms. Haider. I asked her if I can make an announcement to the class: “If you smell anything funny, it’s me. I was in rush and accidentally stepped on dog poop and I had no time to clean it off my boot.” Everyone laughed…except Ms. Haider. She immediately made me take off my boot and leave it outside her classroom door. The entire period I just had one boot on!!

Rodrigo Rios:    My favorite memory would have to be when  Julian Harris, Luis Duran, and Saturnino Alvarenga were all laughing in the back of our AP Stats class for no reason.

Juan Tovar:         favorite memory was Junior and Senior year where Ms.Curtin would try to get everyone to say hi or Happy Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday but no one would anything so she’ll stay quiet.

Marlene Ocampo: My favorite memory was when Ms. Curtin spilled tea on Atziri Tapia in our journalism class of  9 people.

Marisol Rivera:                    During sophomore year when students facebook profiles were being pulled up onto the projector.

Yasmin Ruiz: My favorite Pritzker memory is estimating the number of cups of coffee Mr. Ryan drinks in a day!

Emmanuel Hernandez: My favorite Pritzker memory was when I had a good basketball game at ITW. I scored 10 points and my teammates clutched it at last minute for the win.

Edwin Valentin: My favorite PCP memory was in freshman year, my first day in school, and I was looking for my 1st class to attend, and I thought I made it there, but it turn out to be the wrong classroom, and I went to my correct class and got 2 demerits for being late.

Crystal Ocegueda: My favorite Pritzker memory was when our class went to go see Hamilton. It was really exciting to learn about history in a fun way. I really enjoyed the performances.

Crystal M Cardona: My favorite memory was being able to meet new people this year from all grades in the Track Team. They all are truly amazing people and I know that they will all be successful and capable of big things in life. They all make me laugh and smile even in my worst days. *To the Track Team* Love y’all

Laura Diaz: My favorite memory during my time in Pritzker was when I got to leave for Riobamba, Ecuador. I was accepted into the Global Glimpse program and I was going to be able to travel to Ecuador for two weeks. I loved being part of the program.

Daniela Castellanos: One of my best memories in Pritzker is when we went to go see Alexander Hamilton perform. I really liked that moment because it’s something that not everyone has a chance to go and see. To me, it was more a once in a lifetime thing and I am glad that I was there to witness it.