Does climate change determine ‘weather’ you feel happy or not?

Does climate change determine ‘weather’ you feel happy or not?

By Jennifer Segura ’20

Some people prefer the rain while others prefer the sun. Weather can affect physical feelings. But can weather affect how people feel mentally?

Aliyah Sosa, a junior, stated that when it rains “[she] feels [kind of] happy that the sun isn’t going to be shining down so much.” Sosa likes it when it rains because she feels that “the sound of the rain is just so relaxing.” She added that when it is cloudy outside, it seems like one of those days when she can just stay home and relax. Daniela Ocana, a sophomore, states that when it rains she finds “joy and peace of mind.” Ocana also states that rain “has such a wonderful smell that lingers after a rainy day.” Both Sosa and Ocana find rain to be relaxing.

Ocana stated that when the sun is out, she is in a good mood. Ocana added, “Sunny days cheer me up! It’s warm and always brings me pleasure.” On the other hand, Sosa does not like it when the sun is outside, “It’s just so hot.” Sosa also stated that the rain is better because “at least it is chilly and the sun is not blinding you all the time.” Ocana and Sosa have different views about how the sun makes them feel.

Sosa does think that weather affects how she feels because when it rains she feels that it is going to be a “good day” and that she is “happy.” On the contrary, Sosa states that when the sun is out, she completely thinks of the opposite. “Not that it is going to be a bad day but just that [she] doesn’t like it,” Sosa states. Similarly, Ocana feels that weather does affect how she feels. Ocana stated, “Weather always plays a part in the way I am doing.” Ocana continued  on saying that weather plays a part in her mood because “scientifically, it may affect our moods because our bodies are attracted to vitamin D, which is also known as the sun vitamin.” Ocana also stated that “that’s why vitamin D, the sun vitamin, is a thing.”

Ocana states that she prefers rainy days because it is her “cup of tea.” Sosa also prefers rainy days. Ocana states that rainy days calm her down and helps her relax. Sosa does not know why weather affects how she feels but she thinks that it is just her “strong preference for chillier and stormy weather.” Ocana states, “Rain is so lovely and I love to appreciate how wonderful it is.” Although Ocana likes sunny days, both Ocana and Sosa prefer the chillier, rainy weather.

Based on Ocana And Sosa, it can be concluded that weather can and does affect people’s moods and feelings. Sosa likes the rain but not the sun and Ocana likes both types of weather but she, like Sosa, prefers the rain.

“Overall I prefer the rain a lot better. I just love the chillier days and hearing the thunder and feeling the breeze outside,” states Sosa.