Dawn Power Wash Dish Spray: An unnecessary product

By Samantha Ortiz ’20

The Dawn Power Wash Dish spray is a gimmicky product that sprays out a mediocre amount of bubble onto your dishes. The claims of what it is supposed to do are not even close to what does. It is supposed to lessen dish washing time but it does the same as washing with regular soap and a sponge.

When I first saw it at Target I was so intrigued by the claims it had on the bottle as well as websites it is sold on. It claims to power through grease and have the work done faster. I do not do dishes frequently, but when I do, I rinse them prior to even putting soap. I like to soak my dishes with hot water to get any gunk that is left over after use. Therefore that is what I did with this. After soaking, I sprayed my dish thoroughly since I was unsure as to how much I should be using. I let it sit as I washed the other dishes with normal dish soap. After letting the dishes soak for a few minutes, I wiped and rinsed the dishes. After feeling the difference I realized this product is not great. 

There was so much residue left on the dishes that I rewashed all of the ones I tested the Powerwash with versus the normal Dawn soap. I noticed myself using so much product for one dish with the spray that I used almost a quarter of the bottle for just four dishes.

The bubbles that are coming out are very small and it made me feel that it was not enough. Also, the spray just shot out an odd amount of soap. 

 The claim that it is five times as strong as their traditional soap is not true, because the traditional soap is a thicker consistency and less is more, whereas with their new product, more is not good enough. 

On the other hand, many people have had great experiences with this product: “Made my coffee pot look brand new after dissolving all the old caked on coffee oils/stains inside the carafe and filter basket. Halves the time it takes hand-washing dishes when we’re camping.” I wish I could relate because this product was $8 for something that I will never use again compared to $4 for a normal dish soap.

  • Available at most retailers online and in store
  • Prices vary based on where you purchase
  • 16 oz per bottle
  • Variety of scents