Creativity of the mind

Image of Genesis Brioni. Photon credit: Genesis Brioni

By Ariana Lopez ’18

Genesis Brioni is a senior in Nicole Amato’s advisory. She is an art loving, mango enthusiast. Her favorite hobbies are drawing, singing, and playing the piano. Brioni said that as a child, she was always a bright person. She claimed her friends would describe her as “creatively smart.”  Her motivations in life consist of her family, spiritual life, and future careers.

Brioni excitedly brought up that she wants a major in early childhood education. “I see myself in a room full of many young children,” is where she visualized herself ten years from now. According to Brioni, her educational life consists of homework, homework, and more homework. “It’s nonstop,” she joked. She also enjoys partaking in school events. Many know her as the student who helped create posters for many of the football games.

She says she had trouble “searching for things to love” during her childhood. “Once I began to search, I found me.” Brioni said she is not fully done discovering who she really is.

Her goals consist of finishing college without any interruptions. She has already received an acceptance letter from the colleges she hoped to go to, Holy Cross and North Eastern.  Her motivation will take her a long way.