Class of 2020’s advice to underclassmen for college apps

Class of 2020’s advice to underclassmen for college apps


“The advice I would give is to keep track of your emails, view every email because there maybe something important.” – Alexa Martinez

“My advice is to always keep track and to do your work on time.” – Diana Rea

“Don’t wait for last minute because it will get stressful.” – Alejandro Licea

“Make sure you stay on top of all your work cause if you don’t it’s going to be a pain in get back on track.” – Jazmin Tello

“Start College research during the summer.” – Lizbeth Martinez

“Do not procrastinate. You may feel like you have so much time, but you need to prioritize important things first.” – Denise Jimenez

“Don’t procrastinate and ASK QUESTIONS even if you think they’re “dumb”. Trust me, they’re not!” – Stephanie Resendiz

“A really huge advice I will give is to Stay organize and don’t leave things at last minute because it will impact your grade.” – Elizabeth Godoy

“Do everything on time, do not leave assignments to the last minute, and don’t hesitate to ask for help with essays and applications you want to get the best feedback to make your applications better.” – Marco Roman

“Finish all of your applications as soon as possible because it saves you a lot time.” – Joe Reyna

“Do NOT get lazy with applications and essays because the deadlines will come by a lot faster than you think.” – Valeria Valdez

“DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. I mean it do not procrastinate.” – Katya Lugo

“My advice to the underclassman about the application process is that they need to complete all of the necessary steps in order to complete the college applications. They need to constantly check-in with their college counselors so that they can get as much feedback as possible on their college essays and on their college applications. Students need to make sure that they complete all of the necessary steps when completing their applications so that they don’t miss the due date for their applications.” – Efren Meza

“Do them and make sure to turn in things on time !! Don’t wait till the last minute.” – Jahson Galvan

“My biggest piece of advise is to keep reaching out to your counselors. In reality, it’s not hard to pass that class if you know how to manage your application process and the teachers help you do that for the most part. Don’t wait to complete verification! It takes a few weeks for them to review it! Also, always review your slides on google classroom before quizzes!!” – Crystal Barrera

“Don’t wait too long to complete your FAFSA. If it’s your parents pushing their paper work to the side, then you’ll have to harass them about it. Both your grade and your money is on the line. Make sure you get it done when it needs to be.” – Josh Kelly

“Do NOT wait until a week before the application deadline to ask your college counselor to edit your essay. Start early and ask for edits early!” – Allen Trinidad

“The college application process may seem overwhelming, but I suggest you have all your college application due dates in a calendar. That way you can see the due dates and spread out your time.” – Crystal Mastache

“Do every single step the day that it is posted on because then it starts to pile up and you fall behind.” – Yesenia Martinez

“Make a calendar, mark important dates, do work ahead of time and most importantly do not DO NOT wait until last minute to do any work. And last thing is trust your teacher at least one a handful are there to help you.” – Dafne Justo

“As long as you do your work before the deadlines, it is really easy. You just have to sit down and get the work done. I might not be the best person to ask since I only applied to 4 schools. However, if you have any questions about financial aid process, you better ask them because it is really complicated and confusing.” – Bianca Rodriguez

“Do not forget to apply for scholarships!! Applying to colleges only gets you in but does not guarantee the MONEYY.” – Emily Pereznegron


“Don’t feel intimidated by a school because it seems “too hard to get into”. Take the chance and apply anyway because you might actually get in :)” – Kayla Cruz

“I would advise underclassmen to add colleges that they truly are considering so that their application process is easier and not in vain. I would also advice them to begin doing their essays as soon as they are able to start.” – Ashley Medina

“Take it serious, ask for help, take advantage of scholarships, go where the money is not where your friends and parties are when picking colleges , have fun while it lasts!” – Leslie Little

“This is YOUR college decision. These are the next four years of YOUR life. Make the choice that is right for you. Don’t let ANYONE try to talk you into something you don’t want for yourself, no matter what.” – Noel Candelaria

“It’s a fun experience choosing which colleges you’re going to apply to, but try not to focus too much on family pressure because in the end it will all work out. Even if it’s not the way you imagined it to be. Everything happens for a reason.” – Michelle Cruz


“To some people it may seem intense and scary, college applications are what you put in. My advice would be to take it seriously. This is a time when you really need to know yourself well enough to make a decision. What kind of characteristics, activities, programs, and location do you want your college to have. Additionally, I would say the biggest advice is have open and honest conversations with your counselor because guidance is everything. Know what you want and look for it. It’s not easy, but nothing in life is. The best feeling is achieving something you’ve worked so hard for, so let’s put that energy into the college process.” – Arianna Valentin

“There’s a lot to college applications. You choose, decide, fill out paperwork, and at times it can be stressful. But like everyone else, you get through it.” – Iker Gomez

“Get outside help if you don’t understand.” – Deshon Dubose

“Always be honest with what the question is asking. Take your time in reading them carefully so that you don’t make a mistake.” – Jonathan Orihuela

“The college application process really isn’t that hard. With the help of your college counselors, you should be good. I was confused on a couple of things at first, but I eventually got through it.” – Al Green

“Don’t let demerits and detentions get to your head you will get to following through with everything that it will be normal to you and it will benefit you in becoming more responsible yourself.” – Yareli Garcia

“Regarding pretty much all of the advice your college counselors and collegiate seminar staff will give you, they are right.” – Exavier De La Cruz
“Be patient. The process is so annoying, but at the very end all the effort and stress will be worth it.” – Jenny Aguilar