“Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light”: Best holiday museum in Chicago

"Christmas Around the World" Museum of Science and Industry Photo Credit: Guadalupe Landa

By Guadalupe Landa ’20

“Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light” in the Museum of Science and Industry is an event that is held from Nov. 15 to Jan. 6. The event is to spread to the holiday cheer while learning about science and other cultures at the same time! The event consists of extraordinary decorations and remarkable live performances.

Walking in the museum, you could already see a lot of trees, lights, and different paintings from around the world.  There is color everywhere. Each tree is different, from the size of the trees to the different ornaments on them to the different lights on them. There is a big tree in the middle of the museum that has white lights, different color ornaments, and presents around it. It is the first thing you see.  Not only were the trees different but the paintings were as well! In almost all the walls there is a painting. Each painting has a painting of either Santa Claus, a snowman, children, ornaments, or a landscape full of snow. The trees and the paintings are not the only decorations that stand out but also the lights. Anywhere in the museum you would either see lights hanging from the ceiling or attached on the walls. It illuminates the museum! I think it gives the people something to look at, not just looking straight but above.

The decorations were not only amazing but so were the live performances! There were performances by the Finladies of Chicagoland, Holy Cross-IHM Children’s Choir & Marimba Ensemble, Colombian American Cultural Center, and McNulty Irish Dancers. I loved each performance because they were all different! Each one demonstrated different cultures.

Some people will say that “Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light” was a waste of time because there was nothing special in it; however, I disagree because I think that the performances gave the event something special because a lot of them had to do with different cultures around the world!

I would recommend this to anyone! It is a wonderful event that anyone can enjoy!

  • Location: 5700 S Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637
  • Cost: $12.95- $21.95
  • Phone number: 773- 684-1414