Christmas around the city

By Guadalupe Flores ’20

As Christmas gets closer everyone is getting ready by decorating, inviting family, and starting to think about what food to make. However, the holiday cheer is seen everywhere and not just at home.

When you walk around or drive around the city, you can see how the streets are being decorated with lights, setting up ice skating rinks, and how there are many places to go for the holiday. For example, The Lincoln Park Zoo Lights or the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier.

There are endless options you can choose from to go visit in the city. As you know, people always tend to go with friends or family to get in the holiday cheer.

Katya Lugo, a junior in Pritzker College Prep, explained that she goes to “the zoolights with my friends and family members.”

Lugo further explained that it is a good way to pass time with her loved ones. Also, Lugo emphasized how visiting the Zoo Lights is a good way to spend time with family.

Estrella Mendoza, an alumni, stated that she wants to go to the museums to see the decorations.

Even if the weather is getting colder outside, people still manage to find ways to spend time with family during the holidays regardless the time or the location.

These Christmas activities around the city really help people get into the spirit and to get to know more about the city. Also, what the city tries to do to make everything cheerful and special for the holidays.

As we all know, Chicago goes all out on the Christmas decorations and there is no doubt that they are beautifully displayed.

Lugo stated that “I do like how the city presents Christmas because it makes me feel as the whole city is my family.”

Similarly, Mendoza said, “I love that our city goes all out for Christmas. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and seeing my city being decorated makes me even more excited.”

Decorations around the city increases our holiday cheer and make us more excited about the anticipation of Christmas.

Mendoza furthered explained that the best part is to go out and see the city because you get to  explore something new. She also loves seeing the colorful lights around the city.

As Christmas gets closer and closer, we feel the tension built and the urgency to get everything ready for the big day which is spent with your loved ones. Also, to enjoy the city and go out because there are wonderful things to see around the city which are made/ decorated only for this holiday and it is special because it is done as way to give us a cheer that we might not find elsewhere.

There are endless places you can go in December. All of them equally fun and unique.