Challenges of having disadvantages/disorders

Instructions on how to deal with ADHD

By Daniel Ojeda ‘18

If someone is of special needs, does that make them any different from any other person? Not everyone is born the same, but many must overcome obstacles to become the best of their abilities. But many have worked hard to overcome these deficits. There are many different disabilities towards students or people in general such as attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, and many others as well.

Overcoming Challenges

Each of these disorders can place a student far backwards compared to their regular counterpart who has no disorder whatsoever. Nothing is given or if at all easy in life, but these students grind it out everyday to make sure that these disorders do not get the best of them. David Gallegos, a junior who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, “Everyday I wake up with a smile in my face, for many different reasons overall. I know that as soon as I wake up, people may see me as differently because of the disorder that I have, but it just motivates me even more to prove people wrong.”

Interview with others

Others can feel the same way that Gallegos feels no matter what boundaries are set against them. For example, Demi lovato who is a popular singer across the world has a bipolar disorder, alongside with Michael Jordan who is widely considered the best basketball player of all time has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as many other other famous people. Although probably all of these disorders are eternal, they are still treatable in a sense that if someone is diagnosed with a disorder, they can always see a therapist. It may never be easy to admit that there may something be wrong with one’s self, but as long as life gets better for everyone.  Heriberto Munoz a senior, shares his intake, “as a person who has ADD it is hard at times, but you learn how to deal with it.”

Although many people in general go through mood swings in life, there are some who go through major mood swings and many other people do not understand why that is. It is not because they are some freak of nature, these people are just like anyone else. They want to be treated the same as if they are normal, not like they are an alien or something of that sort.

There must be more to this though. People with disorders should automatically get help from the government especially if they are a student of any grade level, no matter what. Sometimes some people do not get help from the government although they should receive it. Everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter what the case may be. Equality is for all.