Carrie Spitz becomes Pritzker’s new principal

A professional picture of Ms. Spitz

By Alonso Flores ’20

As of this August, Carrie Spitz, former Assistant Principal, has taken over the role of Principal from Pablo Sierra due to a change in job positioning.

This change is somewhat of a challenge for Spitz. At first she said, “I’m still learning what it means everyday. I am learning  something new.” Spitz is still in the process of adjusting into a new position of authority, but she sure does a good job at making sure the students and staff of Pritzker are doing their best. Spitz is a role model that should be acknowledged by many people. She has good morals and is very focused.

Mollie Griffin, Dean of Instruction, who has known Spitz for eight years, describes Spitz as “hardworking” and “very thoughtful.” This is a perfect example of who should represent the face of Pritzker and what students should try to be.

Spitz has a vision for staff members, students, and families.  She said, “I want Pritzker to be a place where students and staff love getting up every day.” Spitz’s vision for the future is truly intriguing; it sets an eye opener for the students and staff of Pritzker. Spitz truly does want the community of Pritzker to have an enjoyable and successful experience throughout their lives, not only in high school. Students of Pritzker are given the option to pursue a successful life in academics and also in day to day life, such as having respect, responsibility, and dignity. The many rules help shape students into respectable individuals.

While Spitz does have a busy day to day life, she does find time to balance out her family, work, and social life. Outside of school Spitz spends her time with her family enjoying life and being a mother of two children. She said, “I have two little kids at home so my hobbies are providing them with a really awesome childhood.”

Spitz is a good role model for kids but also the students of Pritzker. She truly does care about what we do with our future. She is truly a great influence for students and staff. Students must realize what Pritzker does is meant for a better future. The structure of the school is set up as a system is meant to paint a bigger picture of students succeeding. Spitz is a person with amazing potential that could change the lives of students by making adjustments to the school. While Spitz might be new to her position of principal, she has the potential to lead the Pritzker community on a successful path.