Bulls defeat girls’ Jv Basketball team

Chicago Bulls girls try to make a shot while Pritzker try to prevent that from happening.

By Melany Salgado ’20

On Dec. 16 at nine in the morning, the Jv girls played their first game of the season against Chicago Bulls in the Pritzker gym.

Before the game even started, the girls-from both of the teams-were stretching and preparing for the game. After the girls finished their mini practice, Bulls and Pritzker huddled with their coaches and talked about how the game was going to be structured. The coaches chose who was going to play before the game started.

Since it was early in the morning, very few people were present, but as time progressed, more people came into the gym to show their support for either Pritzker or Bulls.  

Bianca Feliciano, a junior, gave her gave her input of how she felt at the beginning of the game. Feliciano said, “I thought it was definitely a good team to play against as our first game despite the score.”

The first half of the game, Bulls were in the lead with 18-0 points. Both teams were playing rough to the point where the teams were getting fouls. Both of the teams were frustrated and a little aggressive. With Pritzker still at zero and Bulls with 18 points, Pritzker was getting frustrated with not being able to shoot a shot.

Throughout majority of the game, the coaches were subbing in players for the ones on the court. So with the subbing going on, the managers would give the players that were subbed out some water.

During the halftime of the game, the coaches had gathered their team to talk strategies for the second half of the game. Meanwhile, the managers were handing out water for the ones that had just played the last quarter.

In the second half of the game-after a few minutes the game started-Bulls had made another two pointer leaving Pritzker with 20-0. But a few minutes after Bulls had scored, Feliciano had made a two pointer. The crowd was cheering for Feliciano for making the two points. After Feliciano made the points, Citlali Sanchez, a sophomore, had made another one having the score 20-4. The crowd kept on cheering for Pritzker for making more points.

But even though the team had ended up making seven points in the end, Bulls managed to kept on shooting. Bulls ended the game with 34-7.

Madeline Vado, a junior and one of the managers, shared how she felt about the end results of the game. Vado said, “Although we lost, we were also proud because this was their first game against the Bulls […] the girls did amazing.” Vado saw how hard the girls had played even if they ended up losing.

Knowing that they ended their first game with 34-7, the girls managed to keep their heads up for the next game.