Are students following social distancing norms?

By Cristian Mendoza ’22

Pritzker students are participating in social distancing at the moment to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The purpose of social distancing is to stay at home and not interact with anyone who might have COVID-19. However, some students do not take it seriously. They think of it as a break where they are able to go out and have fun with friends.

Senior Celeste San Juan knows what social distancing is for but does not realize she is still not following the guidelines set in place. San Juan expressed,” Well, yes, I have been going out, but only to my best friend’s house.” San Juan is expected to stay indoors and to not go out unless it is important or an emergency happens.

Freshman Lucio Delgado has been keeping safe and not going to public places or going to other people’s houses. Delgado does not go out and does “homework, chores, exercise, and helps [his] little brother  with homework.” When Delgado needs something essential to live, his sister is usually “the one who gets groceries for our family.”  Delgado’s family has been following the norms for social distancing. These actions are what is expected from them, so they can prevent spread and to keep safe from COVID-19.

Sophomore Rubi Garcia is also staying indoors and wishes for the social distancing to end. Garcia at first did enjoy the time away from school, but now is worried for the world and especially her family. Garcia expressed, “I was excited not having school until a couple days into the social distancing.” Garcia has been keeping indoors to prevent spread, but her mood has now changed from excited to worried. Garcia now knows that she should not be ecstatic for this time off because people are dying because of COVID-19 and families are suffering. She is worried that something like that is going to happen to her or her family. Before social distancing started, Garcia “was enjoying what we were learning in class.” 

For now Garcia is “staying home, doing homework, and trying to stay productive” with the time she has been given away from school.

Social distancing is keeping students from school and the outdoors, but some are not fazed by it and decide to leave their  house, endangering themselves and others. Some choose to follow the guidelines and stay indoors. At the end of the day, it is the choice of the student to either stay indoors or go out.