A Senior in Pritzker

Marlene Betancourt doing her homework

By Guadalupe Landa ’20

Everyone wonders what life is like as a senior at Pritzker. Okay, not everyone, but would you like to know? She is profoundly getting ready to be a graduate of Pritzker in the year of ‘17. Her name is Marlene Betancourt.

Betancourt was a freshman in

the year of ‘13, and is now ready to go to college. Yet she “doesn’t remember” about the reason why she went to Pritzker. When Betancourt was a freshman, she has wished that she “put in more effort in homework or quizzes” and “manage time.” Now,  Betancourt is a senior, she has come to to the point in where she wants study in and where she wants to go to do it. Betancourt said, “I want to major in Global Studies.” She wants to learn about the relationships between different counties.

She has been accepted to the University of Illinois and looks forward to going there. She first wanted to become a nurse, but then when she was a junior, she was offered to go to travel to Nicaragua while being in the club, Global Glimpse. She described it as an “eye-opening experience” because of all the people she met, and how she saw it as “happiness”. She saw that “money isn’t that important.” A friend of Betancourt, a senior, named Anakaren described Marlene as a “hardworking student” and “loving friend.”

Not only is Betancourt a student who cares about her education, but she also cares about her friends. Outside of school, Betancort works at Target and babysits. With Pritzker being a hard school, she still manages to organize her time and get stuff done. She even participates in clubs after school. She is a member of Senior Council, Global Glimpse, and Fit Club. She also loves Netflix. Who doesn’t love Netflix? Betancourt is more than halfway to graduating school, and she can’t wait until she leaves and begins her journey.